Born on a small farm in southeastern Arkansas to Jonathon and Madeleine Squire, David Squire was the middle sibling of three children. His older sister, also named Madeleine, was four years older than David.  When he was born, Maddie, as she was called, fawned over her little brother for hours at a time just talking to him as if though he understood her ramblings.

The three children were very close while growing up. As David grew into his adolescence he became very protective of both his older and younger sisters, oftentimes vetting their potential suitors. It became a family joke that the Squire parents didn’t have to worry about their daughters getting into trouble with the local boys, because David would step in and take care of the situation no matter how much older the other boy might be.

Young David spent most of his youth working the fields and studying his school lessons. In his spare time he hung out with his best friend, Joe Carter, who lived on a neighboring farm. The two of them had a lot in common, including the fact that their mothers were French, and had taken the time to teach their boys the language. Both David and Joe were fluent in French and oftentimes switched to it during conversations in the presence of others when they wanted more privacy.

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, leaving over 2,300 dead Americans in the path of their destruction. David and his best friend, Joe, joined the Army the day after they graduated high school in May of 1942. Because of their French language skills they were recruited by Colonel Bill Donovan into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and they both spent the entire War in the espionage business.

At the end of the War the two friends went their separate ways. Joe went back to the farm and David went to college. He eventually migrated to Chicago after being offered a job as a private investigator with an insurance company. After he had got a handle on the investigation business he opened Squire Investigations, a private investigation firm in Chicago.

In the autumn of 1963 David agreed to help his old friend, Joe Carter, with a financial problem that had been perpetrated upon him by a crooked money lender. The trail of his investigation led him to the very core of Washington D C corruption. The ensuing battle between him and the henchmen of a very powerful United State Senator sent a message to the cesspool of Washington politicians that there is a new cowboy in town and his name is David Squire.

Everybody in DC now knows that David Squire’s pursuit of justice is unrelenting and his resolve is absolute. Even top agents of the FBI have taken notice, and have placed his name at the top of their list of covert operatives that they sometimes hire to do discreet, off the record investigations.

Stay tuned for more episodes of David Squire and his team as they take on the most dangerous cases around the globe.