By Darral Williams

The Last Friend

A routine fraud investigation into a small town mortgage company leads private investigator David Squire from rural Arkansas to Washington D.C. Soon after arriving, he learns that a powerful United States Senator is deeply involved in a bribery scheme along with the President of the Arkansas mortgage company he’s investigating.

David quickly realizes he has a decision to make and he understands that the consequences of the wrong choice would be devastating for his clients back in Arkansas. If he chooses to forget about the sleaze in the nation’s capital, and walk away from his investigation, his clients will lose everything they own. On the other hand, if he chooses to follow the money trail wherever it turns, the consequences could be extremely dangerous for him.

David Squire is a man with a high sense of honor, so he chose the latter. In only a few short days he finds himself on a wild and very dangerous rollercoaster ride involving vile men who will stop at nothing, even murder of the innocent, to protect their criminal empire and to feed their lust for money and power…

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Born on a small farm in southeastern Arkansas to Jonathon and Madeleine Squire, David Squire was the middle sibling of three children. His older sister, also named Madeleine, was four years older than David.  When he was born, Maddie, as she was called, fawned over...